fake pockets: what’s the point?

If you’re going to take the time to make fake pockets for the sake of pant aesthetics, why not go ahead and make the real thing? Just saying. It’s annoying trying to fit your keys into your pockets that aren’t actually pockets…they just look good?

In other news, Obama is actually a US citizen, born in Hawaii. My sincerest condolences to all those filing lawsuits – “Hey, Mr. President, I’m hurt and deeply affected by the fact that well, I think you weren’t born in the US. Just give me a couple million and we’ll be alright.” No wonder the economy is kaput. The country’s filled with dimwits trying to make a quick buck instead of, I don’t know, getting a life? BBC News.

A “trust” survey published by Insight China magazine has found that sex workers are the third most trustworthy people, after farmers and religious workers, making them better trusted than politicians and scientists. China Daily calls these results “surprising and embarrassing”. Embarrassing sure, but surprising? I mean, let’s face it, in terms of performance for your money’s worth, prostitutes beat the pants off politicians. No pun intended, cough, Eliot Spitzer. Well, at least politicians aren’t slumming it (yet) with the likes of real estate developers and secretaries. Oh them dirty mistresses. BBC News.

A Sudanese woman is on trial for wearing “indecent clothing”, and could face up to 40 lashes in public if found guilty. She was wearing pants. On the one hand, she did break Sharia law, and just because we have the freedom to wear pants here, we shouldn’t be so arrogant to expect all other countries and governments to follow suit. To each his own. Beliefs, religions, laws, whatever swings your string. On the other hand, the law is not supposed to apply to non-Muslims living in Khartoum, and really, when you get down to the heart of the issue, it’s pants. Not even of the magic and traveling variety. PANTS. Frankly, I’m rooting for Lubna Ahmed Hussein, who has even resigned from her job with the UN because it would give her immunity from the trial, and is ready to face whatever consequences authorities throw her way. Here’s a woman who’s not afraid to stick her neck out to take a stand and make a change…despite any public and/or political backlash she might get…sorry, couldn’t resist. BBC News.

Petro-Canada is now officially Suncor Energy. At each of our desks this morning was a nice Suncor cloth bag filled with a water bottle, a ball cap, and an employee handbook. Because, when people find out they’re laid off in a week or two, they’re really going to want to keep some Suncor memorabilia around the house.  I forgot my pass at home this morning and had to get a temporary day pass from security. They sure spent a lot of time gluing plastic cards with “Suncor Energy” onto the old Petro-Canada passes over the weekend. I was a bit nervous because they were giving the guy ahead of me a pretty hard time and had to call his supervisor and describe him to verify he still works in the building. Luckily for me, they know me. We’re literally on a first name basis, I’ve been there so many times. I just get the “oh, you again”. Sweet deal.

And that, my friends, is your Tuesday morning news round-up.tadpoles


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