rah rah reform

Spot the funny protest signs:


So, I might be a bit ignorant and naive here since I probably don’t understand this issue fully, but why are there so many protests against health care reform? Universal health care might be a bit socialist for Americans, but most of the world would consider it a good system. Unless, they’re for health care reform, just not for Obama’s ideas. In which case, these protesters need to be more specific with their signage.

P.S. Youth in Asia = euthanasia. Clever play on words, but it’s hard to see the connection after that…

Check out:

  • the Obama Administration’s site about Health Care Reform
  • if you were too lazy to read the above site, I don’t blame you. I didn’t. Here’s a NY Times article that sums everything up

Time to get some reading done.


One response to “rah rah reform

  1. I have watch every station talk about HEALTH CARE REFORM and it seams to me that there 3 plans, Obama plan, republican plan and democrat plan. All station put 2 or 3 politician for 5 minutes on to answer questions. One say one thing the other contradicts that. So We the people are confuse. None have any proof of what they say and in 5 minutes you can’t say much so at the end we still confuse. If the document is on line and there 1000 pages long no one have the time to read that or to understand it.

    I think that a program oh maybe 4,5,6 hours, something like a debate, may give the people more information. And answer the questions with proof on hand, not from the top of your head. One representing republicans, one democrats and one Obama.

    Get the answers to the questions that the people have from the document that is in place. Have proof that what they say to the people is the truth. If any one contradict or challenge and answer lit him or her prove it. And when it comes the time to pay for it show mw the number and exactly where is this money coming from.

    This will take time, but I think you will have every one tune in. We want answers but in 5 minutes no one can answer them and it only leave us confuse when some one else contradict that.

    Jose R. Carrasquillo
    San Antonio, Texas

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