Went to the gym after work today. All the treadmills were full so I decided to try out the elliptical. Maybe I was using it wrong but I definitely did not get a work-out. However, now I know what to do when I’m feeling lazy at the gym. I’m going to pull on some lululemon and hop daintily on an elliptical.

I booked it out of the gym so I could catch my bus…and stopped short as soon as I was outside the building. You know you live in Calgary when you see bumper-to-bumper traffic downtown at 6:30pm and know that something is wrong.

So I called my sister to ask what happened. She said it was because carbon monoxide leaked into an apartment complex and a few hundred residents were forced to evacuate. Unfortunate timing, considering last week we were enjoying plus degree weather, and this week we’ve experienced highs of -30. Hah. That’s not a high!! Anyways, they shut 6th ave (one of the major roads out of downtown) not completely down, but down to one lane, as opposed to four. Which would explain the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

I checked the news when I finally got home. Apparently they got the first call at 4 o’clock THIS MORNING. Maybe our fire engines are as old as some of our buses – which apparently do not hold up well in cold weather. I kind of wish I was an old bus so I could refuse to work when it’s cold outside.

But can’t complain. At least I’m not a resident of that apartment building. I’m not sure if they’ve been allowed back in, but apparently the city sent some buses to use as emergency shelters…I guess they are pretty good at staying still on the side of a road…


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