das bucket list

Hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals, etc.:

  1. Travel to Europe
  2. Yacht week!!
  3. Get designated – CPA & CFA
  4. Learn to speak German
  5. Successfully grow an herb garden
  6. Have a New Year’s kiss in New York City
  7. Visit a castle
  8. Liberate a country
  9. Defy gravity
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Adopt a baby kangaroo and name it Tribbiani
  12. Have an at sea romance
  13. Pantsless subway day in Toronto
  14. Send a message in a bottle
  15. Go to space camp
  16. Buy a ticket and a rucksack and run away
  17. Let someone else have the chance I missed
  18. Kiss the Blarney stone
  19. Win a Nobel Prize
  20. Do a number in a solid gold toilet
  21. Win a banana eating contest
  22. Ride an elephant
  23. Donate blood
  24. Go zorbing
  25. Become a superhero
  26. Design a house
  27. Learn to juggle
  28. Build a treehouse
  29. Be in two places at once
  30. Fry breakfast on the sidewalk
  31. Go skinny dipping
  32. Save a life
  33. Donate my hair
  34. Echo across the Grand Canyon
  35. Sing in front of a crowd
  36. Go on the perfect date
  37. Dance at a wedding
  38. Walk the Great Wall of China
  39. Take a soul vacation
  40. Take a vow of silence
  41. Visit the Seven Wonders
  42. Cultivate a beautiful garden
  43. Build a porch swing
  44. Be a bridesmaid twice
  45. Learn to bartend
  46. Become a godmother
  47. Establish a centre for kids who can’t read good and who want to learn how to do other things good too
  48. Write a blog post that gets on Freshly Pressed
  49. Collect a memento from every country in the world
  50. Write a biography
  51. Sit on the dock of the bay and watch the day roll by
  52. Share a baguette with a Frenchman
  53. Eat pizza atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  54. Write stories about people from a sidewalk cafe
  55. Follow a rainbow and find a pot of gold
  56. Meditate at the top of a mountain
  57. Paint a masterpiece
  58. Discover the fountain of youth
  59. Find a star to call our own
  60. Run a half-marathon
  61. Sleep under the stars
  62. Spend a night on the Eiffel Tower
  63. Invent a board game
  64. Open a board games cafe
  65. Mardi Gras!
  66. Pull an epic April Fool’s prank
  67. Bake cookies for my grandchildren
  68. Take classes at a French cooking school
  69. Learn Spanish
  70. Travel around the world in 80 days
  71. Bury a time capsule
  72. Be a mentor
  73. Count the number of bowls in a cereal box
  74. Lead a lecture
  75. Get a Wikipedia article written about myself
  76. Get an accounting designation
  77. Write a Wikipedia article
  78. Leave my mark in Hollywood
  79. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame
  80. Party on the Red Mile when the Flames win the Stanley Cup
  81. Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
  82. Have tea with the Queen
  83. Be a movie extra
  84. Learn how to gracefully accept a compliment
  85. Go caroling
  86. Build a snow fort for a massive snowball fight
  87. Stay in an ice hotel
  88. Have a kiss under the mistletoe
  89. Fall in love
  90. Knit a sweater
  91. Roast chestnuts on an open fire
  92. Build a gingerbread city
  93. Ask a stranger out on a date
  94. Go on a treasure hunt
  95. Cook a turkey
  96. Cross-country snow shoeing
  97. Learn Morse Code
  98. Write a song
  99. Host SNL
  100. Visit a Renaissance Fair
  101. Solve the mathematical mystery of the number 137
  102. 30 dares for a more fulfilling life
  103. Work in a developing country
  104. Live in another country
  105. Throw a dart on the map and travel where it lands
  106. Give away a million dollars
  107. Be a spy
  108. Cannes film festival
  109. Celebrate a 50th anniversary
  110. Watch a meteor shower
  111. Rap something impressive
  112. Play the violin
  113. Work for a non-profit
  114. Spend a night gambling in Vegas
  115. Do the impossible
  116. Make a Buckingham Palace guard smile
  117. Wear my heart on my sleeve
  118. Learn to arrange flowers
  119. Make a man out of someone
  120. Help a complete stranger
  121. Distill wine
  122. Find a four leaf clover
  123. Witness a miracle
  124. Drink green beer
  125. Discover if everything really is bigger in Texas
  126. Make someone else’s dream come true
  127. Spend a day in the Louvre
  128. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  129. Get another piercing
  130. Visit a cathedral in Vatican City
  131. Drive across Canada
  132. Make a wish upon a shooting star
  133. Troubleshoot my own computer
  134. Create a scholarship
  135. Go to a drive in theatre
  136. Take a stand
  137. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  138. Have a poker night
  139. Make the perfect hot chocolate
  140. Write a great book
  141. Write and illustrate a children’s book
  142. BBC’s 50 things to eat before you die
  143. Sing at the Sidney Opera House
  144. Play shot glass chess
  145. Do what no man has done before
  146. Work for the UN
  147. Solve a crossword puzzle
  148. Solve the New York Times Sunday crossword
  149. Be on the news
  150. Celebrate a special day twice (yay International Date Line!)
  151. Represent Canada in international competition
  152. Figure out the meaning of life
  153. Learn Greek
  154. Realize my own real life fairytale
  155. Form a band
  156. Correspond with a pen pal
  157. Spearhead a summer project
  158. Perform Chopin stunningly
  159. Have a wizarding duel
  160. Sing “God Save the Queen” atop Buckingham Palace
  161. Win an essay writing contest
  162. Play real life monopoly
  163. Ski/snowboard road trip
  164. Bake a giant birthday cake
  165. Broadway musical
  166. HNIC commentator
  167. Know every bone in the human body
  168. Slam dunk
  169. Learn Japanese
  170. Read a French book
  171. Eat poutine in Quebec
  172. Stand atop Vimy Ridge and appreciate
  173. Visit Flander’s Fields
  174. Send someone to school that no one thought would go
  175. Roll down a dewy hill into a  vale of violets/flowers
  176. Go off a high diving board
  177. Springtime in Paris
  178. Live on a boat
  179. Find a magic lamp
  180. Watch the sun rise
  181. Re-unite with an old friend
  182. Sail across the Milky Way
  183. Run in Athens
  184. Do as the Romans do in Rome
  185. Work in an Italian cafe
  186. Learn Korean
  187. Find my soulmate
  188. Enjoy our first dance
  189. Dance along the light of day
  190. Find something gold that stays
  191. Read all the major religious works
  192. Down a bottle of champagne
  193. Find a junebug
  194. Grow an apple tree
  195. Parasailing
  196. Zipline
  197. Star gazing
  198. Cloud watching
  199. Yes Man day
  200. Stay out all night and go straight to work
  201. Be a camp counsellor
  202. 30 hour famine
  203. Kick someone’s ass
  204. Salsa tasting festival
  205. Teach abroad
  206. Learn to skip stones
  207. Sing songs around a campfire
  208. Jogging on a beach
  209. Build a house
  210. Fly a helicopter
  211. Learn to play guitar
  212. Build a legit sand castle with a moat
  213. Watch fireworks atop a ferris wheel
  214. Swim with dolphins
  215. Beach volleyball
  216. Fill a passport book with stamps
  217. Hula dancing
  218. Clubbing in Cuba
  219. Visit the tallest building in the world
  220. Read a biography
  221. Cruise on the highway to destinations unknown
  222. Find 2 sand dollars: spend one and invest one
  223. Dance in the rain
  224. Spend a day where no one knows my name
  225. Be the lady in red
  226. Have a family reunion
  227. Make ice cream
  228. Raft down a river
  229. Stand up comedy
  230. Climb a volcano
  231. Sneak into a pool after hours
  232. Sleep in a bath tub
  233. Have a heart to heart with a stranger
  234. Full Moon Festival in Thailand
  235. Buy a nice, reliable automobile
  236. Laugh until we cry
  237. Have a summer to remember
  238. Make a pilgrimage
  239. Create my family tree
  240. Find a job I love
  241. Play tackle football
  242. Pantless subway ride
  243. Free Aung San Soo Kyi
  244. Start a dance in a public place
  245. Plant a tree
  246. Get a university degree
  247. Start a block party
  248. Get on the cover of Rolling Stone
  249. Start a huge wave
  250. Tell a joke on late night TV
  251. Become a licensed minister
  252. Go to a rock concert
  253. Give a stranger a $100 bill
  254. Cut a ribbon at a major opening
  255. Scream at the top of your lungs
  256. Get something named after me
  257. Pay for someone’s groceries
  258. Sing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium
  259. Win and yell “BINGO!” at a bingo hall
  260. Go to Sci 11 Formal
  261. Learn to play “Blackbird” on guitar
  262. Kiss the Stanley Cup
  263. Host a cooking show
  264. Make a toast at a stranger’s wedding
  265. Catch something and eat it
  266. Break/set a world record
  267. Climb a large mountain
  268. Write a screenplay
  269. Publish something in the New Yorker
  270. Deliver a baby
  271. Be in a protest
  272. Run a successful business
  273. Learn to sail
  274. Compete in a tractor race
  275. Compete in a soap box derby
  276. Have my ashes scattered in space (in hopes of creating life somewhere out there)
  277. Host a lemonade stand
  278. Party like a rockstar with a rockstar
  279. Ride through the desert
  280. Jump off a waterfall
  281. Send my parents on a second honeymoon
  282. Win an award
  283. Street perform
  284. Be on the Ellen show
  285. Tour with a major band
  286. Dog sledding
  287. Be a contestant on a game show
  288. Make a music video
  289. Throw a surprise party
  290. Make an important speech
  291. Throw a badass party
  292. Shake hands with the President
  293. Volunteer abroad for a year
  294. Take a train from Amsterdam
  295. See my kids off on their first day of school
  296. Have a picnic by the ocean
  297. Visit the corn maze on Wolfe Island
  298. Kayak on Lake Ontario
  299. Visit the 1000 islands
  300. Shower in a waterfall
  301. Create a science comic book
  302. Read 1001 books to read before you die
  303. Saunter down a red carpet
  304. Cake decorating
  305. TP something important
  306. Accomplish 1000 things in my life
  307. Successfully kick ass in a legit debate
  308. Bike to work
  309. Join the mile high club
  310. Milk a cow
  311. Raise free-range chickens
  312. Sail through the Caribbean
  313. Take the road less traveled by
  314. Live to be an old woman walking with her love through the horizon (cheesy, I know)
  315. Jump out of bed in the morning to seize the day
  316. Watch a lunar eclipse
  317. Watch a solar eclipse
  318. Make a hole in one
  319. Do a good deed for someone I don’t like
  320. Live a day like it’s my last
  321. Write a letter to the PM to show how it needs ot be done
  322. Drive a bus
  323. Iron Chef competition
  324. Score an NHL goal
  325. Be a model
  326. Run the world’s best hospital
  327. Jump in a pile of leaves
  328. Say “I love you”
  329. Beerfest (Oktoberfest)
  330. Play on expert on guitar hero well
  331. Speak Mandarin fluently
  332. Adopt a Russian accent
  333. Do a picture scavenger hunt
  334. Death by chocolate
  335. See the Peace Tower in Ottawa
  336. Drive a zamboni
  337. Vote!
  338. Memorize the capitals and flags of every country
  339. Breakfast in bed
  340. Run a bed and breakfast
  341. Hula hoop for 10 solid minutes
  342. Play the spoons
  343. Wine and cheese tasting
  344. Build my own computer
  345. Learn to drum
  346. Take a look at the world from the other side
  347. Chair a board room meeting
  348. Do an animated character’s voice
  349. Make my own clothes
  350. Be an answer to someone’s prayers
  351. Find my hand twin
  352. Christmas shopping in NYC
  353. Forgive someone
  354. Memorize a poem and pass it on
  355. Teach someone the meaning of love
  356. Build Parson Brown
  357. Go caroling
  358. Bake an overwhelming amount of Christmas goods
  359. Find the centre of the world’s biggest maze
  360. Celebrate my golden birthday
  361. Have a serendipity moment
  362. Open presents on the beach
  363. See the Nutcracker on stage
  364. Record a song
  365. Take a trip on the Orient Express
  366. Ride a train across the country
  367. Name a star
  368. Read George Bernard Shaw
  369. Climb Mount Ventoux
  370. Attack something with tinsel in Tinseltown
  371. See for myself that the world is round
  372. Ride a camel
  373. Take a loved one to see “Camera degli sposi”
  374. Dance at a wedding
  375. Catch the sunset over Ayres Rock
  376. Rope a cow
  377. Attend a major sporting event
  378. Get my portrait painted
  379. Bake a cake for my neighbour
  380. Drift in a canoe
  381. Teach someone to read
  382. Put my name on a bench in the park
  383. Give a commencement speech
  384. Turn into a diamond
  385. Birth an animal
  386. Beat Colin in Scrabble
  387. Analyze/decode my own DNA
  388. Measure the speed of light by melting chocolate
  389. Write a script for a TV show
  390. Learn to salsa
  391. Learn to pole dance
  392. Travel on a gondola in Venice
  393. Participate in the Tour de France
  394. Join a choir
  395. Ride a mechanical bull
  396. Form a band
  397. Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  398. Pike Place Market, Seattle
  399. Sex on the beach
  400. Swim a lap in the largest pool in the world
  401. Attend a country music concert in Nashville
  402. Receive $10,000 spontaneously (law of attraction?)
  404. Conquer Chinaman’s Peak
  405. Drink 8 glasses of water in one day
  406. Get over 90% in a university level course
  407. Go on a Haunted Walk
  408. Swing off a rope into the lake
  409. Learn to play squash
  410. Go off the aerial training jump (into the pool)
  411. Pay for a soldier’s meal
  412. Get my NLS
  413. “A true Canadian can make love in a canoe without tipping” – become a true Canadian
  414. Portage 1km without stopping
  415. Spelunking
  416. Go to the Canadian Clock Museum
  417. Visit the Pump House Steam Museum in Kingston
  418. Compete in the Amazing Race
  419. Canoe/kayak across Northern Canada
  420. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity – Global Village Program
  421. West Coast Trail
  422. Go to ComicCon
  423. Go spelunking
  424. Perform in an improv troupe
  425. Have a gig at a bar
  426. Win a photo contest
  427. Win an athletic event
  428. Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  429. Post a video on Youtube – everyone else is!
  430. Climb Mount Kilamanjaro
  431. Backpack through New Zealand
  432. Get married/elope
  433. Become a human rights activist
  434. Shoot a travel documentary
  435. Fly first class
  436. Learn to play the electric guitar
  437. Learn to play an electric violin
  438. Naked yoga | Get inspired
  439. Go to Harry Potter World

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