my own 1000 awesome things

Be consistent, be awesome.

  1. Beautiful November days that feel like spring; these are a few of my favourite things.
  2. When Kyle Ayers live tweeted his neighbour’s rooftop breakup for our entertainment. Not that we’re not distressed about the end of their relationship. Also, so was any pizza ordered? I’m hungry.
  3. Weekend brunches. Always worth the wait. Hunger is a small price to pay for deliciousness.
  4. Driving to the airport at 4:30am to catch a 6am flight to Fort McMurray for a tax field trip is nobody’s cup of tea. But having a boss who is willing to brew coffee and fry some bacon for you for the drive to the airport is awesome.
  5. Finding unexpected gifts. Like Lindt chocolates in the suitcase you haven’t unpacked in the three weeks since the wedding. Or that $5 I keep finding and putting back in my jacket pocket.
  6. Unison “that’s what she said” moments.
  7. The Starbucks card app on my phone. Lifesavers on days when I forget my wallet – I can always eat coffee.
  8. New underwear. ‘Nuff said.
  9. When the TED talk that gets posted is exactly what you needed to hear that day.
  10. Funny spins on common quotes. “If you’re picking up what I’m putting down” versus “If you’re swallowing what I’m cumming.” Same idea but somehow the two phrases invoke very different reactions.
  11. Watching Armageddon with my sister. We’re about 30 seconds into the movie when she asks, “Why is there always a guy named Houston in these space movies?” Amazing.
  12. Waking up to cheesy Christmas jokes on the radio. Q. Why couldn’t Santa go down the chimney? A. He was feeling CLAUS-trophobic!
  13. Friends who ask no questions when you ask them to bring a fresh pair of socks to the library. There are few better feelings than peeling off the wet socks that you’ve been wearing for the past eight hours and slipping on a pair of warm, dry socks. And then getting shit done because you’re at the libs.
  14. Hippies. It was a cold and blustery day and the much hated November rain had turned into even more hated December rain. I was struggling with my umbrella which kept turning inside out. I was miserable, like everybody else I saw on the sidewalk. Then, I passed this guy in dreads, shorts, and flip flops, who had the look of complete nonchalance against the elements. He was cool.

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